The benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump


In the UK using an Air Source Heat Pump over a traditional gas-powered boiler is different in so many ways, but mainly for the better not just on the environment but on the cost of your bills also. In a usual Gas Boiler heated residential property, on a cold day you will turn the heating on in the morning and the house was warm after about half an hour or so, but with an Air Source Heat Pump, the temperature of the water in the pipes and radiators is a lot lower, which allows it to operate more efficiently but also means it takes longer to change the temperature from cold to warm. Because they run for longer at a more efficient heat setting, turning them up and down and on and off isn’t needed to keep the home at a more comfortable level.

Rather than having to worry about when to turn the heating on and off to warm the home, we can tell an Air Source Heat Pump system what temperature we want and when. The installed application works out the cheapest way of meeting that temperature and operates the Heat Pump accordingly. It can sometimes take a while to get used to the difference between this kind of system and a traditional gas boiler system but reading through the quick start guide should help you find the perfect settings for your home all year round.

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